SPIN CYCLES provides you a complete package to cater for all your laundry needs - premium laundry service, regular washing, dry cleaning service, starching, ironing, carpet/duvet/curtain cleaning, shoe & bag laundry, and even suitcase, bag, and shoe repairing services.

They have been using a system built on core PHP which needs a technology upgrade to facilitate continuous development with speedy work delivery. Spin Cycles team was having multiple ideas to implement like customized pricing for individual customers based on individual hub & service etc. Spin Cycles team also wanted more in-depth data analytics to make their business stand out from their competitors.

Our Solution

For Inventics it was a challenge to convince the client that this entire system can be replicated along with new functionality development within the committed time frame in the new tech stack. The reason was obvious, a bad experience with other service providers. Our agile methodology of development help client to gain confidence even in the early phase of development. Our architect helps in merging two separate system functionalities into this new single system, which reduces the client's pain points of managing multiple systems. Our developers provided enhanced data analytics by multiple graphs and reports like pickup vs delivery, old vs new customers, sales vs collection, online vs offline, and many more.


The client's expectation goes high. After getting migrated to a new tech stack with a better user interface and more functionality which makes the entire business process easy for the company, Now we are in a new contract of continuous development for more features development. Inventics's custom web developers have the programming expertise to build an efficient web application that aligns workflows on any platform. our back-end developers are experts in Java, PHP, Python, and MySql. Inventics Developers have years of experience in building automation web solutions for verticals across the board.